Out of the Ordinary Exhibit in Greenville GA

Out of the Ordinary Exhibit in Greenville GA


Four mixed media artists are exhibiting work at Artisans on the Square in downtown Greenville, GA.
The exhibit opened Saturday, February 24 with a reception attended by guests from all over the region.
The art will remain on display until Saturday March 24. Gallery owner Linda Wilburn discovered a
diversity of talent and also that three of the four featured artists use their art to cope with depression
and debilitating mood swings.



Dinett Hok

Dinett Hokis originally from the Republic of Panama. She lives with her husband in Newnan
and raised her children there. Dinett lived in Florida for a while and uses driftwood in many of her
three dimensional works. “Nature is the purest form of art” she says. She often adds interest and
highlights by adding precious metals, such as gold, silver and copper. Dinett and her husband travel all
over the world for international exhibits in the United States, Paris, Rome, Scotland, Venice, Beijing and
Montreal, where she invites other international artists to participate in her exhibit space.


Kim Ramey

After discovering that art helped her deal with depression and loss, Kim Ramey opened
Backstreet Community Arts in Newnan to share her art therapy with others. Her studio is open to all at
no charge and she offers art lessons and free materials. Local artists volunteer their time at Backstreet
to teach lessons. Kim believes that “Art Saves Lives.” Kim’s art ranges from subtle to bold, realistic to
abstract to surrealistic, in very soothing earth tones, blues and reds. There are messages in all her


Victoria Slagle

Victoria Slagle is a native of LaGrange. She suffered depression silently until she went to college
at Georgia Southern, where her art classes allowed her to share feelings with others. She discovered
she was not alone in feeling that her brain might be operating differently from others. Her “Out of the
Ordinary” display is called Marbled Farm and features cows, goats, chickens, roosters and dogs painted
on marbled paper with mixtures of inks and paints. She will open another exhibit on Saturday March 3
at The Suffering Artist in Hogansville featuring all three dimensional works.


Mia Broder

Mia Broder

Mia Broder is a native of Stockbridge. Her manic depressive (bi-polar) mood springs began in
high school and continued through college until she spiraled out of control and into a mental
institution for several months. Her struggle for control of her illness involved creating works of art and
writing two books – Fireflies of Madness and My Cranky Bits, where she tells how she learned to accept
and love herself. Mia’s delightful and fanciful display uses the actual pages of famous books to shape
three dimensional images representing children and adult books such as Gone with the Wind,
Chronicles of Narnia, The Princess Bride, Where the Wild Things Are, Breakfast at Tiffany and others.


There are two fine galleries in downtown Greenville, Artisans on the Square and The Print Shop
Gallery. Both are open Thursday through Saturday from 11am until 5pm. For more information call
Linda Wilburn (404)386-1328.


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